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The Power of TiDB in the Cloud

More Control Over Scaling

Scale the performance or storage separately to best suit your business needs

High Availability and Reliability

Ensure business continuity for your mission critical applications with our ACID-compliant cluster deployment

Scalable Multi-Master

No more bottlenecks - scale without restrictions with TiDB’s read and write capability on every node

High Concurrency

Have thousands of users query your data at the same time without losing performance

Transactional and Analytical Workloads in a Single Database

Eliminate complex data migration between transactional and analytical workloads by storing your data in a single database

Real Time Operational Analytics

Run real-time analytical queries with our hybrid transactional-analytical processing (HTAP) capabilities

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Developer Tier

1 year free trial period

Unlimited number of users

10 GB of OLAP storage

10 GB of OLTP storage

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The only open-source, cloud-native, distributed, MySQL compatible database with Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP). 

Get a one-year free trial of TiDB Cloud with the Developer Tier.

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